Quote: “I don’t know… It’s just that I don’t seem to get along with anyone. And now it’s Friday and everyone is going to this one girl’s birthday party … It just sucks.”



Katie Peridot quite likes being ordinary.
Unfortunately, some very out-of-the-ordinary things have been happening to her. On top of this her best friend, Mayuri, isn’t her best friend anymore, a sinister sponsorship programme is taking over her school, her mother is acting more crazy than usual and the only person who really seems to understand her is a peculiar cleaning lady. Then she teams up with Themba, the cleverest (and most unpopular) boy at school, and together their investigation takes them deep into the town’s abandoned mine.
What they find there is more terrible than they could have imagined. Can they save Witchfield before it’s too late?



My Review: 

Witchfield is one of the cutest and coolest stories for young tween/ teens to read! Katie, our main character (the protagonist), goes through a rollercoaster ride of weirdness. Her mother believing in magical witches and her best friend acting stranger than ever and closing off their beautiful friendship aren’t the only things going out of the ordinary, nope.  Strangeness increases. Katie must team up with the smartest boy in school, who everyone will absolutely adore, in order to make the most awesome discovery in an abandoned mine. How cool? I found this story to grab me and pull me into its world for the whole day. I could not get my nose out of it! Do you think witches are real? Do you think something could’ve caused such crazy, cursed events?

I highly recommend this book!!!

Climb into this wonderful book and get ready to investigate!



This lovely book was gifted to me by kidsbookclub.co.za

I’d love to say thank you to them and explain their tribes’ simply to you. This book is part of the wonderful tribe ‘hedgehog heroes’, given to young children from the ages of 11-13!

The subscription is worth your time and money and allow me to explain why!

The most wonderful people behind this jubilant book club are the kindest and most helpful people you’ll come across. They’re not just sweet but they provide books and tribe goodies for your youngsters to enjoy their reading experiences. They take your kids into consideration and put their love for reading and marvelous ideas first!


Now, all you have to do to subscribe is go to their website: kidsbookclub.co.za and use these 3 simple steps!

Choose your tribe! 

-choose your child’s age that will place them in a beautiful designated tribe for them to collect their books that suit their ages the most!

Choose your vibe! 

-What lovely stories does your kid prefer reading? Does s/he love reading about fairies or even dragons? Do they love reading about sunshine and rainbows while going on adventures? Choose what they’re in love with reading about!

Raise your tribe! 

-collect your lovely books and show them off! Build your bookshelf and gives these gorgeous books a home!

Subscribe today!! #kidsbookclubtribe

Once again, thank you so much to Nadine from kidsbookclub.co.za for giving me the opportunity to read such a wonderful book and there are more books coming! I thoroughly enjoyed this book! I highly recommend this book.



Page Count: 202

Year Of Publication: 2018

Author: Nicole Rimensberger

Star Rating: 4 out of 5 stars!



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