The Pesky Pig Panic (PIP Street)

Quote: “You could hear the hum of the gadgets neighboring Dip Street and Chip Street.” 


Torches at the ready!
The lights are out on Pip Street.

But what’s causing the bothersome blackouts?

And does a mysterious pig have anything to do with them?

Bobby Cobbler is on the case— or he will be, once he gets over his greatest fear: the dark!

My Review:

Honestly, I read this book in an hour. I could not get my nose out of it! Jo Simmons is a fantastic children’s book writer. The scenes, the characters, everything spoke to me. I loved the adventure and I think this is by far my favorite children’s book. I relate to the main character and I think everything is wonderfully written. I think the cat has to be one of the funniest friends to tag along with. An excellent book that I highly, highly recommend.

I found that this cute story was the best for any child to read, especially the wonderful kids beginning to read! It is a very simple book that tells you magical tales and fills up any child’s heart. This story is perfect for a short book to bring a smile to your child’s gorgeous face!

This book was given to me by the wonderful, I’d love to say thank you to them and explain their tribes’ simply to you. This book is part of the wonderful tribe ‘Fox Favourites’, given to young children from the ages of 7-10!

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Once again, thank you so much to Nadine from for giving me the opportunity to read such a wonderful book and there are more books coming! I thoroughly enjoyed this book! I highly recommend this book.

Author: Jo Simmons

Illustrated by: Steve Wells

Page count: 144

Published: 2014

Star Rating: 5 out of 5 stars!