Odd Findings in a Bookstore!

My favourite way to lose money is, yes you guessed it, inside a bookstore.  I love visiting bookstores and admiring the many books that I want to give a home, however, the best times that I take notice of weird things in a bookstore is when  I, indeed, don’t have the money to buy my amazing book worlds.

To give you more insight, one day, not so long ago, I was strutting along my local shopping center knowing I’d wind up in the bookstore.  It was a given fate that I could never change in any Shopping center.  As I made my way to the cozy, warmth lit bookstore, I chanted away in my head ‘It won’t hurt to look.’, ‘It won’t hurt to look’.  And do you want to know a secret just between you and me? It very much hurt to look at the most breathtaking books and not be able to take them home.

As I had made my starstruck stares in the Young Adult fiction, I spotted the book I had been crazy about since it had newly released.  To be perfectly honest, I stood for about ten minutes admiring the book I knew I just had to have.  I sighed even more than a couple times and sat down next to the furnished bookcase, atop of a soft, red chair.  I had been pondering of all the things I could do with this book like take it with me everywhere and hold this heavenly blessing in my delicate arms like my personal bible, I could take it for walks with me, whisper little nothings to my soon-to-be darling.

That is when I noticed how there were a lot more security guards inside this one little shop.  Who knew so many people wanted to steal books, right? Well, I wasn’t necessarily going to steal,  I’ve never had the guts for those things. A female security guard constantly looked my way as if she already knew I didn’t have money and that I was infatuated by the fantasy novel.  I took this as my cue to leave.  I sadly waved goodbye to the precious bok, I could’ve sworn I noticed a tear running down its spine as she watched me disappear out of the shop.


Moral of the story, which I highly discourage you to do, if you plan on stealing a new book, don’t plan on it.  They will catch you. Who knew there were more Guards in bookstores than shops that sell food? Good news is that someone very dear to me bought it for me a couple weeks later.  Leave your comments and let me know if you’d like more content like this. If anyone has any content ideas, please don’t be shy!