How to care for books!

As much as we book lovers are infatuated by these lovely worlds and bibles of knowledge, however not all of us know how to take care of them. This sounds silly, right? Oh, but it is a scary truth. If you are one of these people, do not stress! You will learn the magical ways of loving your books.

Remember, with love, even for books, comes effort!



As to assume that whichever bookaholic reads this has a bookshelf, it is VERY IMPORTANT for you to clean off your bookshelves. This does not mean cleaning only in front of your books but to consistently remove your books from the bookshelf and to dust. Of course, books collect dust, so an occasional dusting (without any liquid near them) is a lovely bath time for your books’ happiness. Remember to be gentle.


The scariest thought to come rushing into my head is the fact that many people break and bend their book’s spines. Now, when I first started reading, I did not know that that was even considered a thing, let alone a bad thing. So, you’re off the hook for now. Imagine some scientist breaking your spine in a lab because he was ‘reading’ you. Would you like that? No. In this case, we are bending the spines and not only damaging the book but disregarding their looks. I’m sure your books would love to be Instagram models without broken spines. An easier, less harmful way to read is to not open your book widely. If you think this is silly, trust me, your book will live on healthier days.



Young love or friendship comes with the occasional spilling of drinks, water fights or even the unwanted food fights, but in no way does your book want to play along. Many people run their hands through their spiced crisps or even offer their pages a lovely sip of sticky juice or water. THEY EAT AND DRINK WORDS, NOT COOKIES AND MILK! If you really want to feed them, feed them a dictionary or even a thesaurus. Do not eat or drink or be near the presence of liquid or anything they don’t consume. Keep your hands clean and your books sanitized.



Keep them safe from the dangers of a squashed bag or maze for them to scrape and turn their pages in. Bags are not the best way to carry a book around if there is a whole lot of other objects in them. As much as it is helpful, rather make sure to place the book in a bag without the possibility of it moving or being damaged by liquid, food, heavy or mobile objects. Be clear as bookmarks can come out. If you do feel frightened of the chance then rather hold your book like your own personal bible, show it off!




Thank you for reading and if you have any other tips and ways to keep your book happy, comment! Part two will be coming your way.