I won The Legend Of Kyne – Regicide book giveaway!

Thank you so, so much to Tren Steggell for choosing me to be the winner! I have been absolutely excited since the competition has started and cannot believe I was chosen!

I won a free, signed copy of this amazing fantasy novel, The Legend Of Kyne – Regicide, as well as a poster of the map of Kydrea!

I am thrilled! If you’d like to watch the reveal visit my Instagram page or click the link!

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And the winner is @thereading.shelf !!!! Thanks again to all who entered the drawing. I greatly appreciate all the love and support you have all shown me. If you didn’t win don’t worry. Regicide is still available on Amazon and Kindle for everyone. I also have quite a few copies so if you would like to pick it up in person send me a message. Thanks again to all who entered. @jestertdye @cwspinach @_khyramonique @b13lake @nichi.i_readpastmybedtime @taryn.hensbabe @jon_tyndall @shantelle_cleverley @wsteggell @myrtosz @velicanstvena.knjiga @thereading.shelf @safahsreadingdiary @trent_custer @delicatebogan @pyrrhicbooks @ile.barrionuevo @sarsangdeservestodie @iloveyousobebraveeeee @bridgerpack_9 @surra21 @acciojem @rehan_is_crazy @aim_forward @angelamarie.reads @nathareads @booksbeastboy @avanthika_vinihari @sempiterno.entre.libros @priyaferns_35 @readinginthemorning @joujou.rizk @wanderinggrls96 @wardtimothy @heather.m.p @anto_ette_reads @rachalhopkins @varun_sp @keeperoffae @lbreighard @monstajohnx @ahuvah98 @saticefying @vaalarr.morghuliss @blueblissy @devilishmonokuma101 Eric Johansson @unit731tk Brittney Johnson Taylor Crofoot Whittney Boothe @kelkeltheflash @sillyproton @aim_forward @sempiterno.entre.libros @author_wa_ashes @younglyricallit @bookish.irish @chrisid_creatives @_maryann_fernandes Alyssa Bacon Kamber Lee Payne @_hayley_maria_ @pramodbhalekar @miasantos29 @its_shrutz_jenifer @jo.yce265 @sushirainbow Yoshi Suyeyoshi @traeggxll To anyone who buys a book if you send a picture of you and Regicide I will post it on my page

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