5 Tips to start writing a book!

Books are a fantastic way to provide information, tell a story, and many, many more! Here are my top tips in getting you started.


Tip no.1: Actually starting.

This one seems confusing but I can assure you, just starting is already a step forward. Jot down ideas as a starting point to your book. You can’t start something without knowing or understanding what it is all about, which brings us to our second tip.


Tip no.2: Know what you are wanting to write about.

Now, this isn’t as vague as it comes across. If you’d like to write about something to inform someone, know your facts and information and don’t promote it as a fantasy novel, for example. Know what genre your story with travel on.


Tip no.3: Begin writing.

Begin writing either an introductory to the story about the story by telling the reader something that’ll help them understand the story plot. Begin writing your chapters once you have an idea and information regarding your plot. Remember, a story starts with point A and is guiding the reader to point B, the end.


Tip no.4: Include a problem.

This one sounds very dumb, why would anyone want a problem? It is because in novels there is a protagonist who needs to get to one point but will need to grow through obstacles or even drama, or else the story becomes very short and boring. It will distract readers and they’ll put your book down in the blink of an eye.


Tip no.5: Write originally.

Do not copy nor write the same story line/ idea as someone else. Besides this being plagiarism, no one wants to read something they’ve read before. Word travels quickly, rather have original content and be praised than copy cat content and fail to receive readers.


These are just the top 5 things. Let me know in the comments if you’d like another list.