Advice / Tips On Writing

Many young authors’ make many mistakes, but every author makes mistakes. If you are a wattpad writer or even an aspiring author, this is for you.  This is most of what I have learned. Everyone is always able to improve and grow if you want to

1- Know your audience

If you are targetting teenagers, write about things or ideas that will bring of interest to teenagers and not of little children. That being said, become familiar with your audience, their likes, and dislikes.


2- Grammar and punctuation

If your story targets a modern society or much of your story is informal, the use of colloquial language can be used, although, limit it. If you are not too great at punctuation and grammar, obviously take the time to learn the skill but ask for guidance or even use an app to help, although, the app might not be able to help you if generally do not know your basics. Know your language. If you do not know between your ( Your and You’re or their, they’re and there) you should be studying and practicing. Grammar and punctuation mistakes are highly common, but punctuation is less of a problem. I still recommend studying as much as you can if you plan on getting anywhere with writing. In punctuation, also know, that ‘!’ can only come to be used after three sentences. Many people use ‘!’ incorrectly. Know your work!

3- Blurbs and Descriptions

Many aspiring authors make the mistake of extracting chapters from their story ( most likely the first or main chapter) and using it as the description. When readers read the blurb/ description,  they are wanting to know what your story has to hold, what it is about and if they’d enjoy it. If an aspiring writer’s place chapters where a description is needed, you may also look lazy and your book has become unflattering to read before they’ve given your story a chance.

4- Create or Decorate

A lot of stories you will write will have already had an idea used, that is why cliches are very popular in writing. Learn how to take an idea ( if you cannot come up with your own) and direct it to make it your own. If you have an idea/ story that will include vampires, change something about them, change their scene and the way they live. Make some love glitter instead of the dark coolness of scenes. That is what I mean by decorating, you’re making this YOUR story. A reader is more likely to read something different than the same story over and over by different writers.


5- Keep yourself motivated!

This is self-explanatory.


6- Use your surroundings

Your surroundings can give you many ideas. If you are in a garden, you can cook up a romantic scene or even a scene where the danger comes in. You can use your garden description and even change it up to fit your book


These are some tips so far. I’ll be writing a part two of this, but I hope you use this in every step of your writing. Let me know in the comments if you want more, have more ideas or are going to use one of these tips. Enjoy the journey of a writer!