Top Fun Facts About Books

To add a little daily fun to your day, read these wow facts that you’d be shocked and impressed to know!

Largest book

First off the list, as a young ambitious writer, I know the feeling of writer’s block or even the struggle to bring your chapter to even just 3000 words but this author, Marcel Proust holds the Guinness Book Of World Records for the largest book recorded. Proust’s book ‘In Search Of Lost Time is the largest novel which includes 13 volumes and 1.3 million words.


Books were chained like prisoners

I can relate to this fun fact the most as I absolutely would abduct a book. Shh, don’t tell the cops-haha just kidding but all jokes aside, many people used to have chains that would be connected to their bookshelves that the books were chained to. This method was to ensure that book thieves would not steal their beloved treasures and worlds. I honestly might invest in such a method, even people who might not like reading still love to snoop. So that’s a hack if you are into it!


The First Book Best Seller

Authors from all over the world have books described as ‘Times Best Sellers’ but have you ever wondered who and which incredible story became the first.  In Search Of Lost Time by Marcel Proust is the longest novel. This Incredible book held and still holds the Guinness Book Of World Records for its recording of 1.3 million (Yes, it’s believable yet shocking) with a total of 13 volumes.


Have You Ever Heard Of Books That Were Banned? 

One of the world’s most famous book series”Harry Potter” by J. K. Rowling is top of the most banned books in America. Why would anyone want to ban such a remarkably magical book series that has brought joy upon so many? Well, believe it or not, this was due to religious complaints as well as religious happening took place bit by bit through the books.


How Would You Pose When Writing Your Book?

It is very common and suggested normal to write your story/ essay/book/ writing task whilst sitting down. You might want to sit at a desk, or even sitting on the floor but this was not the case for writer Virginia Woolf. Woolf was much different and wrote all of her books whilst standing up. Imagine the muscles she had and the concentration? I’d be focusing more of the way my body was feeling.


Are You A Nerd?

Dr. Seuss invented the word ‘nerd’, using it in his 1950 book ‘If I Ran the Zoo.’


How Many Books are there in total?

There are over 130 million books in print. I’m proud of this world! Let’s get it to 50000 million.


Customers Ratio In A Bookstore

Nevada, Texas, and Mississippi have the highest ratio of customers to bookstores in the United States. If I had all the money in the world, I’d probably be in the highest ratio too.


If there are any other brilliant fun facts, comment below!