Top Advantages Of Reading Fiction

Reading, in general, is a fantastic way to benefit yourself, your knowledge and many other aspects. All in well, however, fiction has something that caught mine and many people’s eyes. Fiction, for those of who do not know, is a story or story idea made up completely out of your imagination. It can have some aspects of science ( If a character is a nerd and you want to show their intelligence) however, Non-fiction or true/ factual information (science for example) is not likely to come up. In a world of chaos as well as beauty, imagination brings more comfort than reality. Without further ado, this is my top advantages of reading fiction.

To start off with, fiction is a spread of beautiful and new words that flow out of one’s mind and onto a page. Their creative strings and pieces of a whole NEW world tieing together to create a new life, a new view and very handsome characters for girls or boys to fangirl/boy over. As you read of a new life, you escape reality and travel into the pages. You could be sitting in your garden and suddenly you’re the town’s famous dragon slayer. Fighting the caterpillars in the trees, pretending their venomous snakes, you’re trapped and the only way out of trouble is through them. You also have the ability to snap back into reality, but why would you? Try a new world each day.

Much like the first reason, you are able to be the characters written. Warning, you will find enemies in some and fall in love with others. Once you fall in love with them, sorry but there is no going back, no reality for you. You grow an attachment to each story, but each story stays with you throughout your life, keeps your imagination run wild when you’re trying to work, but you secretly love it. Think of it as a front seat to a movie, You follow the character so much that you take the journey with them but, the pictures flicker into your mind. It’s amazing to have a completely new world all in your head. Each story is different to each person too, which makes this even more special.


You find out more about the authors too. They create the characters but each character resembles the author in a way. The main character is probably the most relatable to the author. When the author brings the Main character into a situation, the majority of the time, they ask themselves what they would do in the scenario without being conscious of them writing what they’d do. Many authors also write and describe a character with at least one feature or personality trait that resembles them.

If that was not enough to convince you, Try a fiction story anyway. You’ll come to a surprise that not all fiction stories relate to fantasy, but fantasy is still an amazing reality chaser. If you are a writer, you’ll find that a lot of your writing will improve. This is said everywhere and is absolutely 100% true. You subconsciously learn to improve your techniques like description, grammar, sentence structure, creativity with words, etc.

Overall, Fiction is a great genre to read and comes with its perks. If you feel that there is something to add, agree on or just that this article helped you, comment down. This was my top advantages of reading fiction.